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About Shinji 





現在では​拠点をニューヨークからハワイに移し2022年にBe U Salonをオープンいたしました。


I have worked in the fashion and beauty industry, doing jobs such as magazine, TV, and fashion shows.

I honed my skills working in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan and expanded my career to London, Bangkok, and New York. With over 10 years of experience in various countries and fine-tuning my techniques in Japan, I strive to create a beautiful and personalized style for each client, regardless of their race. I always maintain a sense of curiosity and a drive to improve, with the goal of leading the beauty industry forward. Currently, I have relocated my base from New York to Hawaii and opened a Be U Salon in 2022. Using my past experiences, I am working hard everyday to be a bridge between Japan and the United States, while enjoying the journey.

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